About Nivid

Nivid is an alt-electro-rock band, with provocative and theatrical narratives, written in Hindi, based upon reflections of the self, society, and civilization. Founded by Aditya Virmani, the band draws huge influence from industrial, post-rock, punk, and electronica adding up to an energetic and vibrant live stage presence delivering their super-charged performance in a variety of spaces, be it small indie clubs or large to medium size festivals.

As a producer and composer, Aditya has traversed from the small-town world of Ludhiana, Punjab to bigger metropoles like Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mumbai, and New Delhi enriching his vision and skills to create a globally relevant voice. Since 2019 the band has consistently put out music, re-enforcing its reputation as a thought-provoking, socially relevant act, growing rapidly in terms of following and interaction with a sharp focus on quality and sound. The World Around Me Infinite Support | Sanskaari got public attention recently with 200000+ hits. Online media and radio were quick to follow as seen and heard on BBC Radio, The Hindu, Eastern Eye, the Rolling Stone Magazine, Mid- Day Mumbai.


Metal Planet Music-  A throbbing monster that has weighty beats

One of the fastest rising stars of the rock music scene in India, Nivid makes his play for world domination with this epic slice of heavy-duty electronica. Utterly unique in his approach, ‘Mazhab’ is a throbbing monster that has weighty beats with a lilting rhythm and adds intelligent and challenging lyrics into the mix. The closing track of his ‘Mernã’ concept album, it centres on a razor-sharp attack on the brainwashing of the masses by religious idolatry and has marked main man, multi-instrumentalist composer Aditya Virmani as a force to be reckoned with.